Should You Rub Perfume, Yes or No? |

Should You Rub Perfume, Yes or No?

Should You Rub Perfume, Yes or No?

Men and women have always liked to smell good from time immemorial. From the ancient days when flower petals were crushed to use as perfume and fragrant spices such as cinnamon or other barks of trees were powdered and used as perfume we have come a long way. The perfume industry today stands at a whopping USD 33.69 billion. This simply means that more and more people are using perfume and rightly so.

Taking a shower alone is not enough to keep fresh throughout the day. This is where perfumes come in. If used properly the fragrance can last up to six hours and more.

What not to do?

Many people just like to spray their perfume all over. This can sometimes get very overbearing for people whom they come in contact with as the fragrance can get over powering. Too much of everything is bad and you don’t want to smell like a perfumery. Do you?

Should you rub the perfume?

As a child you have probably seen adults in the house dabbing perfume on their wrists and rubbing them. This makes the top notes of the perfume to break and eventually evaporate; contrary to what you thought would happen. This means that the notes that attracted you to the perfume actually do not translate onto your skin. On the other hand, rubbing causes friction which heats up the skin and changes the scent. So rubbing the perfume onto the skin is a big no-no.

Should you spray perfume on your clothes?

Well a little bit of perfume on your clothes might actually make the fragrance last longer but you got to be sure that the fabric does not get stained. Also be prepared for the fragrance to change a little as the perfume will react differently on fabric as compared to your skin. But it will definitely smell nice.

Storing perfume the right way

After all we all want our perfumes to not lose their fragrance. Now this depends largely on the way we store them. Storing them in the bathroom for ease of use is not such a good idea as water, changing temperatures and humidity can interfere with the composition of a perfume. Make sure your dresser does not get direct sunlight if that’s where you keep your perfume as sunlight can break down the notes of a perfume. The right manner of storing your perfume is a dry and dark place. Leave it in the box that it comes in and that should be good enough to make the fragrance last long.

So go ahead and buy your favorite perfume and use it intelligently for greater effect and leave a lasting impression on the people around you.

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