How To Boost Your Mood With Fragrances |

How To Boost Your Mood With Fragrances

How To Boost Your Mood With Fragrances

Fragrances have long incited various emotions in people, from helping people feel happier to making people feel more relaxed. Fragrances can also invoke certain memories and do incredible things to our minds and bodies in the present. There are many fragrances available for use, from fruity and zesty scents to soothing floral scents. Every scent is unique in how they affect us and have their own benefits.

There are different scents that can be used to boost moods, or even alleviate them, aiding to enhance a feeling, or to cause it to subside. Scents that are vanilla based are known to make people happier and lighten their individual moods. On the other hand, scents like lavender are known to alleviate anxiety and cause one to calm down, this is a particularly useful fragrance, especially if you are experiencing nervousness or anxiety before a speech or presentation.

Lavender is also known as a go-to scent to aid with sleeping, as it serves as an emotional, and nervous relaxant. The scents that are citrus based are also particularly useful when it comes to calming yourself, with lemon in particular being known to help with concentration. Lemon also has an emotionally energizing effect that is especially useful when you’re feeling angry or low. Cinnamon is another of the most cosseting scents known around, and it is found in numerous spicy oriental fragrances. Cinnamon is also well known to boost brain power, and studies have shown that those that smell cinnamon have had improved cognitive functions, including memory, motor response, and attention span. At the heart of perfumery, there is one scent that has always been present, the smell of jasmine. The smell of Jasmine is known to create a sense of alertness and is well known to help with panic attacks and depressive thoughts. Researchers have also noted that jasmine has a stimulating effect that directly impacts the central nervous system, helping to relieve depression and lift mood.

These fragrances and many more can be used in different ways, and more have been found as time goes on. One of the most popular ways to use fragrances is through perfumes and colognes. The used of sprayed fragrances has been widespread and just about anybody knows how to use them, perfumes are also best used on pulse points in order to maximize their effect. Most people will spray on their neck, the insides of the wrists, and the base of the throat, as these areas are where fragrances will smell strongest and last the longest. Fragrance oils are also popular for use in diffusers in order to spread the scent across a room. Another way to spread fragrances across a room is the use of a cold light bulb or mixed with water as an air freshener or humidifier spray.

Fragrances have long been around to tell us many things about our world, and though advances may change the world we live in, these messages and senses have stayed the same. The smells that soothed people in the past still soothe us today, only now we have many better ways to use these fragrances.

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