Guide to Finding the Right Perfume or Cologne for You |

Guide to Finding the Right Perfume or Cologne for You

How to Find the Right Perfume or Cologne

Perfumes and colognes are aromas that both men and women wear to boost their beauty or even impress their mate. They can help you to lift the mood and smell great. Whether you are new to scents or fragrances, finding a scent you love can be a daunting experience. There are thousands of different kinds of perfumes available in the market.  If you are short on time and are trying to find the perfect scent on the fly, here are some easy tips by aroma experts to help you to find cologne that you'll love and will feel like a dream come true.

Choosing a Scent

Every perfume contains different kinds of "notes." These notes define the overall cologne. The notes contain three types of layers called the base, middle, and top notes. All layers work to create a specific type of smell. A few fragrances, for instance, would be viewed as floral and contain changed aroma notes like rose, gardenia, or geranium. Others might be somewhat fruitier with notes of citrus or apple. Fascinating fragrances contain zesty notes like star anise or even cinnamon. Men's scents have different notes also. Musk aromas have a heavier, progressively manly tone while others may have smells like pine or even calfskin-based notes. It requires some thinking to figure out which kinds of cologne or aromas you like and afterward observe which base notes they contain before settling on a buy choice. You can get familiar with the various notes used to create cologne and fragrance so you can get a better idea of which ones you think will suit your preferences.

Choosing a Concentration

Scents come in four unique concentration levels. As the concentration gets higher, the cost generally gets higher also. Usually, colognes or aromas with higher concentrations have more a remarkable fragrance and are long-lasting. They can be somewhat expensive, but some people consider a higher price for the worth.

  • The highest concentration is basically called perfume or parfum. This level usually lasts the whole day with only one application to the pulse points or wrist area.
  • The next lower level is eau de parfum, which normally can last around six hours after application.
  • The third level is called eau de toilette and is generally a reasonable price and easy to find in retail locations. It normally requires more than one application for it to last throughout the day.
  • The fourth and most minimal scent concentration is eau de cologne, which generally lasts for around two hours.

Testing the Fragrance

Before you choose to buy any scent, you should do some tests to ensure that it is something you will need to wear and whether you will enjoy it or not. Do a sniff trial of the container first to get the idea of its smell. You should give a touch of the scent to your skin. This is the reason most cosmetics stores offer testers so people can try the fragrance before they purchase it. Our skin has its special code of hormones and pheromones that can marginally or even incredibly affect how we perceive a scent. Shower a modest quantity on your wrists, hold up for a couple of seconds, and afterwards smell the fragrance on your skin. Sometimes, depending on the cosmetics you may be already wearing, it can upgrade or decrease the smell. If you cannot shop in retail locations, you can shop online as many online retailers also offer testers that can assist you with finding a perfume that will accommodate your style.

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