Common Perfume Mistakes That People Make |

Common Perfume Mistakes That People Make

Common Perfume Mistakes That People Make

The kind of perfume you wear explains your personality. It represents your style and status. No matter how quality perfumes, brand or label you are buying, if you make some common perfume mistakes, your fragrance will not be that pleasing and special as it could be! These mistakes will make your fragrance less effective and also cost you money and time. Here are listed some common mistakes that people make while using scents.

Spraying perfumes at the wrong points

Each perfume carries different notes that are activated by our body heat. These perfumes skin points are areas where our body veins are closer to the skin and are called pulse points. Spraying scents on points behind the ear and knees, at the bottom of the throat, inside of the elbow, inner wrists, in the cleavage are perfect for applying perfume and will no doubt give long lasting effects. Do not rub your perfume at these points instead two to four sprays are good enough for pleasurable effects.

Not creating your personal style

A signature scent is the best way to make people feel your presence. People will start associating you with a particular smell, when you always wear the same perfume. Repeating the fragrance of your choice is the ideal way to leave the mark and presence everywhere you go. Scent needs not to be expensive but it should be of your choice as it is going to indicate your presence.

Spraying your perfume on your clothes

No doubt, clothing can hold in perfumes for a long time but spraying your perfume directly on your clothes can stain your designer clothes. Most of the fragrances have chemicals that react when they come in contact with fabric. And this may lead your clothes to yellow or stain. So, applying little perfume to your clothing and more perfume to your skin points is the right idea to wear a perfume.

Wearing perfume without moisturizing

One of the common perfume mistakes that most people make is to spraying fragrance without moisturizing the skin. If your skin is properly hydrated, your fragrance will last longer. Do apply a body lotion or moisturizer either with same scent as of your fragrance or no scent on your skin, if you wish to make your aroma last longer. The moisture and oil on your skin helps in locking in the aroma of your perfume more effectively.

Storing your fragrance the wrong way

Avoid storing your fragrance in freezer or bathroom as humidity and cold temperature will weaken the scent. Always keep your perfume bottle in a dark and dry place. If you always purchase a big bottle of scent then you are doing a big mistake. Perfume loses their aroma over time, so it’s better to buy small packages. One other mistake that most people make is shaking of perfume bottle. This habit will disturb the notes of aroma and also kills the quality of the perfume. Avoid excessive shaking of perfume bottle to get pleasant smells for longer time.

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